My name is Kevin Hoth. I make pictures. I am from Wisconsin. I lived near the Atlantic Ocean and now I live in the Rocky Mountains. I make images of anything that soaks up light and bounces some back to me. This is my more professional photo blog where all content is created by me and is shot with my heavy camera(s). The other one with a lot of mobile shots and sometimes other people's inspiring work is here:

McCallum Pond, 1000 Palms Oasis, Desert Hot Springs, CA. 3.28.14
Creek Ice.
Boulder, CO. 2/7/14. #impossibleproject #polaroid #instantfilm
Block Island ferry, RI. #blockisland
Fire truck on New Years Eve. Palm Springs, California. 12.31.13.
Palm Desert, CA. 12.31.13.
Roy’s Motel Cafe. Amboy, CA on route 66.
Denver, 12.12.13.